Dirty Donuts: Who's behind this guerrilla doughnut operation?

About eight months ago, a strange new Twitter handle began getting mentions from local hip-hop artists.

"if you live in the twin cities and you like doughnuts and/or anarchy, you need to follow @drrtydonutz now," tweeted Astronautalis a.k.a. Andy Bothwell.

From Doomtree, simply: "Dirty Donuts."

Before long, concert-goers were tweeting that they'd just been mysteriously pastry-bombed at venues around town by a strange guerrilla doughnut operation.

But who or what is Dirty Donuts? Today we got some answers. Some.

Dirty Donuts: Who's behind this guerrilla doughnut operation?

Dirty Donuts is serious about anonymity. She will only chat over a fragrant box of hazelnut-chocolate and lemon-glazed confections if she gets to keep it that way. Hiding behind the DD label has proven to be an unexpected asset.

"I wasn't really planning on doing it at first," she says. "Then it started and people were like, 'What is this? Where is it coming from?'"

Last summer, she and her friends were trying to think of a productive use for an old and, yes, dirty van. Thankfully, by the time the project came to fruition the van had died, but the moniker hadn't. Dirty Donuts started as a fun way to hang out with friends, many of whom have connections in the local music scene.

It all started on August 17, on Twitter:

DD says by the time she got there, three underaged kids who couldn't even get into the show had driven there just to intercept doughnuts. Then they were on to the second venue:

Pumped up by the project's success, DD went on to ambush the Triple Rock, an Astronautalis CD-release party, and a New Year's bash at Sound Gallery. Although she tries to remain an enigma, she says she was recently at a Dessa Darling show--sans pastry--when a girl stopped and squinted at her. 

'"Are you Dirty Donuts?"' she says the girl asked. "That's really weird, man." 

Although the idea was originally just to give them away, DD will accept donations at shows. And things are still too small to expand yet--she fries them in a cast iron pot at home.

"I think there's an expansion in the future," she says cryptically. "In the next couple of years."

Dirty Donuts is operational again after a brief wintertime hiatus (too cold wandering around outside of clubs) and says she has big plans for the summer. Follow her at @DrrtyDonutz to try to request a sugar ambush--she's now offering lemon, lime, raspberry, and strawberry glazes; maple and bacon; and chocolate-hazelnut.

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