Dinner on the Farm Presents a Weekend of Camping, Music, Art, and Indigenous Foods

Art, cooking, biking and permaculture are all part of WonderGather

Art, cooking, biking and permaculture are all part of WonderGather

Interested in the ways in which art, cooking, the environment, coffee, biking, and s'mores intersect? Of course you are because we said "s'mores."

Coming soon on October 4, WonderGather is the brainchild of Dinner on the Farm's Monica Walch and poet/musician Ben Weaver. Starting with killer coffee at Angry Catfish and a 35-mile bike ride, it's a day and night experience at Garden Farme, with acoustic music, herb and flower education by Foxglove Market, an indigenous feast made by The Sioux Chef, and more.

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Hot Dish: How did you come up with the idea for WonderGather? Monica Walch and Ben Weaver: WonderGather was born out of our wish to focus on the power and magic that arises when people work together to bring a meal, a poem, a piece of art, a flower arrangement, or a conversation to life.

Have you done an event like this before?

This is the first event of its kind and we hope to learn things from the adventurers who join us to inform our next versions of WonderGather.

Ben Weaver and Monica Walch, your WonderGather hosts

Ben Weaver and Monica Walch, your WonderGather hosts

How many people are you expecting to come?

We think it will be a small group of 25 to 50 people. Children are welcome, the event will be family-friendly.

Let's get down to the food. What can we expect?

-Morning coffee at Angry Catfish -Sean Sherman, the Sioux Chef, will cook a feast in Garden Farme's wood-fired oven (with wild and foraged ingredients and featuring items from Red Lake using ancient cooking techniques) -S'mores by the campfire -Rustic field breakfast (locally baked bread, Garden Farme Honey, local cheeses) and campfire coffee from Kopplin's

What should participants bring with them?

We are asking guests to bring an ingredient from the nooks in and around their own backyard for our family-sized salad, which the chef will help find a place for. If they plan on camping, guests should bring their tents, sleeping bags, etc.

WonderGather Adults: $50 Children under 10: free Tickets and Info: [email protected]

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