Dinner on a deadline

Dinner on a deadline
jules:stonesoup via Flickr.com

Michael Ruhlman stirred the pot for foodies on Huffington Post, calling
"bullshit" on the idea "that we all lead such busy lives that we have no time to cook." It's easy to take Ruhlman's admonition with some cynicism--after
all, the man makes his living writing cookbooks with star chefs like Thomas Keller of the French Laundry. As the food bloggers at Married...with Dinner put it, "His bread-baking is integrated into his bread-winning in a way that few of us could manage." But they weren't writing to whine or defend all of us lazy would-be cooks; instead, they started a 12-week series called "Dinner on a Deadline" to get us all cooking.

Through August, Married...with Dinner will devote a weekly post to helping readers do real
cooking--quickly. Week One focuses on getting organized by planning the week's meals with an eye to what's in season and what's in the freezer. 

This week is about stocking the pantry, i.e. staging a spring cleaning in your kitchen cupboards. "After just a few weeks of building meals from what you've got on hand, you'll start to develop a repertoire of pantry-based suppers," the blog promises.

"Dinner on a Deadline" won't be a cure-all for newcomers to the kitchen, since the bloggers admit to hobbies such as curing their own meats, with pancetta and guanciale listed as some of their pantry items. But even if it sends us scrambling to google new ingredients, the advice from Dinner on a deadline promises to keep readers cooking through the summer.

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