Dinner and a movie?


Pepitos/Parkway owner Joe Minjares

Nightlife reporter Tom Horgen will, in my mind, forever be the first man to lead a Strib story with the sentence, "Sometimes when you go out, you just want to be alone with your baby-boo." His recent piece on restaurants to pair with local movie theaters was a useful guide on where to dine before you hit a holiday movie. I'd say that the Best in Show of Horgen's list would be either the Parkway/Pepitos combo or the Riverview/Riverview wine bar. Now that Pepitos owner Joe Minjares took over the theater, you can order food from the restaurant and bring it to your seat--including the margaritas (that might be a good call if you go to see Role Models this weeked). Second-run movies at the Riverview allow you to save your cash for something from the well-sourced beer-and-wine lists at the romantic restaurant/bar located kitty-corner from the theater.