"Dining Out For Life" this Thursday


Been kinda wondering why Sven Sundgaard's smiling, tanned mug is emblazoned over many many inches of ad space lately? If you've been too busy flipping off the a-hole who just cut you off in traffic or thumbing your way back of City Pages for "Savage Love," those are cupcakes that he's holding, and one of them has a red AIDS ribbon on it.

Yep, it's "Dining Out For Life" week again, peeps. You know the drill. You go out to eat at any number of local restaurants, each of which will donate anywhere from 10 to 100 percent of their proceeds to the local HIV/AIDS service organization The Aliveness Project.

This time around, it's going down this Thursday, April 30. All day. Here's a cheat sheet if you want to get the most do-gooder bang for your buck:

Venues donating 100 percent of their proceeds:

Minneapolis Eagle (dinner only, excluding drinks*) Y'all Come Back Saloon (dinner only, excluding drinks)

50 percent:

FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar (breakfast only, including drinks) Toast Wine Bar & Cafe (dinner only, including drinks)

40 percent:

Rustica Bakery (breakfast, lunch and dinner, excluding drinks)

There are quite a few places donating 35 percent. (Some faves: Birchwood Cafe, Blackbird, the Herkimer, Modern Cafe, Ngon Vietnamese Bistro and Pancho Villa's.) And about a million others giving some smaller portion. You can download a complete list from The Aliveness Project's site.

* alcoholic drinks