Dining in the Dark, a blindfolded dinner for charity, returns May 14

The only way to find out the super secret main course of the third annual Minnesota Dining in the Dark fete is to attend the charity event, don a light-blocking mask, and use your other four senses to identify what's on your plate. Sound fun? Then the Foundation Fighting Blindness's soiree is for you. See also: Best Charity Minneapolis 2013 - Give MN


"The fun ramps up once the blindfolds go on and the entree is served," says Minnesota chapter president Julie Anderson. "The decibel level goes way up in the room."

Each year the number of attendees has grown. It's thrown at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, as the Foundation grew out of their inaugural location. The idea came from Germany, and now Dining in the Dark evenings happen nationwide to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness by raising awareness and funds to prevent, treat, and cure vision-robbing diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration. At this year's party, the local chapter will honor Sharon Hale, a volunteer extraordinaire in addition to featuring both a live and silent auction.

This sensory experience won't come cheap, as individual tickets cost $250 (or perhaps free if you can find a friendly philanthropist who has already purchased an entire table). It's a fine way to have a good meal, support a great cause, and get insight into what it would be like to live with little or no vision.

Twin Cities Dining in the Dark event May 14, 6 p.m. Hilton Hotel - 1001 Marquette Ave. S, Minneapolis Tickets available here (online until Sunday, May 11)

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