Diner reports finding crude oil in Gulf oyster

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Crude oil on the half shell?
Crude oil on the half shell?

A TV station in North Carolina is reporting that a young diner out to dinner with his family in Mooresville found a tar-like substance in his raw oyster. Though the oily pitch hasn't been confirmed as crude oil, the owner of Vinnie's Raw Bar, who gets his oysters from the Gulf region, agreed that it looked like oil. It could be an ominous sign for restaurateurs and the fishing industry in the South, but what does it mean for Twin Cities diners? It may be less of a concern here , since much of our seafood comes from the East and West coasts. One of the area's major suppliers, Coastal Seafoods, says it gets very little of its product from the Gulf.

See the North Carolina video from WBTV in Charlotte here:

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