Dine for Climate Dinner Series Launches Its Earth-Saving Mission


Want to enjoy a hearty meal this winter while sticking it to that Weather Channel founder who doesn't believe in climate change?

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This month the Will Steger Foundation is launching Dine for Climate, a campaign to raise awareness of the connection between climate change and our food system. Partnering with Twin Cities restaurants, the foundation is hosting four dinners over the course of the winter.

"People just become completely overwhelmed with climate change. There are so many things beyond our control, but what we can control is where we eat," says Janet Brown, associate director of the Will Steger Foundation. "It truly impacts our planet and makes a difference. You wonder, what is doable? This is one of those things. We can all make a difference by considering what we eat and where we eat."

The foundation chose its partner restaurateurs carefully -- Tracy Singleton of Birchwood Cafe, Lynn Gordon of French Meadow, Brenda Langton of Spoonriver, and Lucia Watson of Lucia's.

"We've had relationships with these restaurants for a very long time. All of them were involved in Will's early expeditions," says Brown. "We wanted to show how our food systems are not only exacerbating climate change, but can also be a part of the solution. These women have truly birthed our organic restaurant access... these are all the women that helped build that foundation."

"It's really great that they're connecting agriculture and food issues to climate issues," says Watson. "It's another dimension of food and eating consciously and healthfully that I think is really important."

Birchwood Café and French Meadow will each be donating 30 percent of the evening's proceeds to the Will Steger Foundation.

"We are not doing a 'special' menu just for this night because our entire menu is always focused on local, seasonal, and sustainably raised, mostly certified organic ingredients, each and every day, not just on Dine for Climate," says Birchwood owner Singleton. French Meadow will also be serving its regular menu for the occasion.

Event details are forthcoming for the dinners at Spoonriver and Lucia's. Reservations are recommended at all restaurants except the Birchwood. Find out more about the event by visiting the Will Steger Foundation website.

Upcoming dinners: Birchwood Café November 13, 5 to 9 p.m.

French Meadow Bakery & Café Minneapolis and Saint Paul locations December 11, 2014

Spoonriver January 8, 2015

Lucia's March 12, 2015

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