Devil's Advocate has an opening date

The Devil's Advocate will also advocate beer consumption
The Devil's Advocate will also advocate beer consumption

Plagued by delays, the new Devil's Advocate in the former Inn/Hell's Kitchen space is getting closer to opening its doors. After some construction snafus, including a severed floor joint that caused the kitchen to sink into the basement (and you thought you had a rough work day), the space has been repaired, and owner Erik Forsberg told Jeremy Zoss of the Downtown Journal that the restaurant is inching closer to serving some of the more than 40 tap beers (and wine).

Monday, May 7, will be the opening date. Forsberg plans to open the bar/front room area first and the back dining room at a later date, according to the Journal. With the focus on beer, he hopes to educate consumers about different types of brews: American versus European, Belgian-style versus actual Belgian. It will no doubt be a serious happy-hour draw once those final touches are put in place.

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