Details on That Surly-Doomtree Beer Hitting Town This Weekend


This year marks the 10th and final Doomtree Blowout, and the hip-hop collective is going out big. They're playing eight local stages in the coming week, but it's not just about the music anymore. With Surly getting on board, it's also about the beer.

While the beer collaboration was announced previously, details were scarce on what will be a dark gold convention-defying beer.

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The beer debuts at the inaugural Blowout show at Turf Club this Saturday before hitting other venues, detailed below, at an elaborate Sunday pub crawl.

"The beer was a true collaboration between Surly Brewing and Doomtree," says Surly's Omar Ansari, going into further detail:


A lot of so-called collaboration beers just have the band's name stuck on the label. That's not the way we wanted to do things. For Surly Doomtree, our crews spent time hanging out, getting to know each other's worlds -- at the brewery and in the studio -- and scheming what the Surly Doomtree beer should be.

We came up with a "bastardized style" that bucks convention, just like Surly and Doomtree. It's a dark gold, toasty, aromatic, subtly spiced, bitter enough, dry hopped brew with 5.7% ABV.

Doomtree beer will be released at six bars, three in each city, with a charter bus escorting patrons who bought full ticket packs to the stops about town. The pub crawl isn't limited to the VIP ticketholders, though. All bars listed are open to the public and Doomtree encourages fans to meet up for beers and giveaways at the varied stops. At the end of the night, Doomtree will play a show for those exclusive ticket holders, but fans needn't be down, there's still a chance to win tickets at the pub crawl stops themselves.

Doomtree beer will be in limited supply at each of the following locations, starting on December 7, as well as on tap at the Turf Club. Doomtree will release a new album, All Hands, on January 27.


Minneapolis bar crawl: - 2:30 p.m., Muddy Waters (2933 Lyndale Ave. S.) - 4 p.m., The Depot Tavern, (17 N. 7th St.) - 5:30 p.m., Red Stag Supper Club (509 1st Ave. NE)

St. Paul bar crawl: - 2:30 p.m., Billy's on Grand (857 Grand Ave.) - 4 p.m., Pizza Luce (1183 Selby Ave.) - 5:30 p.m., Grumpy's Roseville (2801 Snelling Ave.)

- 7 p.m., Exclusive Doomtree Show (invite only)

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