Dessert trend: Design your own chocolate bar

Like to mix and match? Well, we hope you have a lot of free time on your hands, because custom chocolate bar companies offer billions of flavor combinations for you to sift through. Yes, we said billion. Categories like fruits, spices, nuts, confections, and even grains make your topping options nearly endless.

If you're ready to graduate beyond Crunch bars and Almond Joys, consider adding Goji berries, flax seeds, and cantaloupe slices to these custom-designed candy bar.

Chocri, the world's first online custom chocolate bar company, boasts more than 27 billion combinations of their fair-trade, organic Belgium chocolate. Choose from white, milk, dark, or both white and milk chocolate to start building your perfect bar. Can't decide what to sprinkle on top? Chocri offers several cleverly named suggestions.

Move over Hershey's, papa's got a brand new bar.
Move over Hershey's, papa's got a brand new bar.
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While Aphrodisi-snack and Strawberry Basil Martini sound tempting, Instant Wealth's dark chocolate, real gold flakes, and raspberry bits would make any newly employed grad giddy. Give your Valentine a little Love Potion. The white chocolate bar is chock full of hazelnut brittle, honey chocolate drops, organic poppy seeds, and raspberry bits.
Concocting the perfect chocolate creation.
Concocting the perfect chocolate creation.

Still need more choices? Chocomize offers white, milk, and dark chocolate in 30 billion combinations. Choose from toppings like crystallized violet petals, vegetarian bacon, and hot curry powder to create your own signature blend. If you're overwhelmed by the selection, check out some of the company's suggested mixes.

The white chocolate, marshmallow, almond, coconut Tighty Whiteys bar is perfect for the jock in your life. A little too tame for you? Choose the milk chocolate, black peppercorn, chipotle, cayenne pepper Spicy Special Bar. Or embrace spontaneity by choosing the I Feel Lucky Bar to have the company mix a surprise combo just for you.

Even if you've got a master's degree in chocolatology, this new field of endless toppings means countless hours of additional study. These days, anything less than a doctorate is just pointless.

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