Denny's Nannerpuss inspires a following

If you missed seeing his super brief Super Bowl cameo, you've probably come across 'ol Nannerpuss ("It's Nannerpusssss!!!!!") in the few weeks since then.

Since his Denny's debut, the mustachioed bananaman's made his mark on YouTube, Facebook and hell, dude's even got a Twitter following now.

He has inspired some pretty decent YouTube offshoots, including the bizarre "Asian Nanerpuss," "Nannerpuss meets Godzilla" (a trilogy) and a couple very cute babies dressed up like bananas, marionette-style banana arms and all.

For those in the know, there's also a YouTube video called "Nannerpuss vs. Cookiepuss vs. Godzilla," featuring a Carvel ice cream "cookie puss" most of us Midwesterners have fortunately been spared (ditto the company's Fudgie the Whale).

Here's the original: