Deep Fried Goodness Might Deep Fry Their Menus One Day

A deep fried Snickers bar from Deep Fried Goodness

A deep fried Snickers bar from Deep Fried Goodness

Deep Fried Goodness is a new fast-food style store dedicated to the noble pursuit of frying every single thing. Appetizers? Fried. Entrees? Fried! Dessert? Yeah, fried. And though it isn't fried, the salad they keep in their display case looks like it's older than their three-month lease, so don't look there for intestinal relief.

If on your last trip to the State Fair you calculated how many hours it would be until you returned, this place will be a godsend. But there are some highlights even for those who aren't so sure about deep frying dessert.

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Don't come to Deep Fried Goodness if are heading to a yoga class later that day. In fact, let's just plan a nap right into your trip to DFG, where the only thing they don't deep fry is their menus.

Located stoner-walking distance from the University of Minnesota's Stadium Village, Deep Fried Goodness is designed to please the palate of someone who says, "I love all the fattening food at the State Fair, but having to move my body between feeding stations is too demanding."

Pulling off this menu actually takes plenty of work. Whenever we grab the last batch of fried Twinkies on day 12 of the Fair we are reminded that this is a precise job which requires focus and finesse. The owner of the establishment, Andrew Afrooz, is passionate about his product and can steer any conversation back to deep fried food. And as with any dedicated owner, his passion shows in the quality of his product.

The deep fried marshmallow, for when a microwave s'more isn't shameful enough

The deep fried marshmallow, for when a microwave s'more isn't shameful enough

First, Deep Fried Goodness scores extra points for keeping some fundamentals on the menu. The panini selection includes some monthly specialties alongside classics like the Cubano. Before we dug into the fried dessert specialities we sampled some succulent hot wings. Brined overnight and sauced with a Frank's Hot Sauce-based marinade, these wings were tender, crispy, and had just enough saucy spice to make you run out of napkins on your last wing. For $7 we grabbed eight wings -- not bad pricing given the wing's ever increasing popularity.

The main event is DFG's selection of deep fried desserts, which is listed on the menus as simply "The Goodness." We have never seen a larger selection of deep fried treats: deep fried Little Debbie products, Twinkies, Oreos, and more. Each costs $3, and a scoop of ice cream is just a dollar more.

The Snickers was the only dud of the bunch. DFG uses a candy batter recipe and the fruitiness of the batter clashed with the chocolatey, nutty bar. Imagine chewing on a piece of Juicy Fruit gum and then jawing down hard on a Snickers and a pancake.

All was forgiven once we dug into the Deep Fried Marshmallow. This is one of the few deep fried confections that really shines beyond its novelty. The singular flavor of the marshmallow let the batter take center stage flavor wise. In this dish the candy-flavoring of the batter was a win, as it gave more variety to what would otherwise have been a monotonous sweet.

Our final foray into "The Goodness" was the deep fried Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie. The oatmeal pie was clearly battered with care, so the dessert retained much of its shape until the inevitably sloppy end. The chewiness of the oatmeal against the warm crispyness of the batter made for a satisfying bite.

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Deep Fried Goodness, we strongly recommend giving in to its magnetic pull and heading down in the middle of the afternoon. The place has a solid lunch rush and busy late nights, but if you make it down in the middle of the afternoon you can pick the brain of Afooz, one of the most dedicated fried food enthusiasts in the city. Grab one of those deep fried marshmallows while you're at it.

Deep Fried Goodness 3020 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis 612-354-2280

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