Dear Clean Plate Club: trapped in skyway


We eat our way around the Twin Cities with one mission: to answer your dining questions.

A reader writes:

Dear Clean Plate Club,

I recently moved to Minnesota and hate the skyways. I just feel so trapped, like I'm in airport terminal, but my flight will never arrive! I appreciate their convenience, especially in winter, but I just can never find anything worth eating. My workplace is connected to the skyway, so believe me, I've gone on many lunch missions, though I never have had much success. Please help! I want something easy, not expensive, but something actually tasty. It really just has to be a place where I can grab something and head back to work. Does anything like that exist or am I doomed for a life of bag lunches and bad fast food?

Wandering the Terminal

Dear Wandering,
Hang on sister, you're not doomed. We're not sure which skyway you're in, but the first place that comes to mind on the Minneapolis side is Andrea Pizza. We've seen many customers walk out of that place with slice in hand and a little bounce to their step. A slice of their thin crust, plus a side of ceasar salad and a drink is $5.68 +tax. Another idea would be to go to D'Amico & Sons and pick up one of their tasty salads or sandwiches to go.

Andrea Pizza includes barbecue chicken, tomato basil, and plain cheese.

For the St. Paul skyway, our vote would be for Maison Darras, a French café where you can mix it up with paninis or quiches and pastries. Also, keep in mind that many restaurants are accommodating about to go orders. If there is a sit down place in the skyway that you like, you may be able to call in an order and pick it up without much difficulty.

Hoping you catch your flight!
Clean Plate Club

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