Deal of the Week: Pancho Villa

Courtesy of City Pages

Courtesy of City Pages

There are days that call for a big, cheesy, greasy pile of Mexican food and an ice cold margarita. And then there are the days that you miss the bus, lose your credit card, and fall face-first onto the sidewalk. Those call for two margaritas. Pancho Villa on Eat Street is just the cure for one of these no good, very bad days.

Pancho Villa serves up fantastic plates full of rice, refried beans, fresh tortillas, and slow-cooked meats smothered in cheese for about $8. What really makes this place worth mentioning, though, are the two-for-the-price-of-one margaritas (original lime flavor, on the rocks only) and Dos Equis beers. Better yet, the happy hour is available all day, Monday-Friday, at Pancho Villa. (The staff doesn't always mention the deal, but it's always on if requested during the week.)

At Pancho Villa, the environment is casual, English and Spanish spoken liberally, and food is served quickly via a friendly staff--just what you need to make a bad day better. But be careful to check signs when you park on the street: The surest thing to make a bad day worse is a traffic ticket.