Dead mouse in Au Bon Pain salad vs. Wendy's chili finger


Did you catch this DTJ stunner? "Dead mouse reportedly discovered in salad at Au Bon Pain in City Center."

Here's our comparison of the ABP incident and the most famous gross-thing-found-in-food case, the Wendy's chili finger, after the jump.

WHO W: Anna Ayala, a 39-year-old Las Vegas resident ABP: "A woman"

THE INCIDENT W: began gasping and warned other diners, "Don't eat it! Look, there's a human finger in our chili." ABP: "returned her salad to Au Bon Pain in City Center after noticing a dead mouse lying on top of her salad."

THE CORPORATE RESPONSE W: Santa Clara health dept confimred the object was a human finger. Wendy's offered a 50K reward for info on the origin of the finger. ABP: released this statement: "We have received a report of a mouse in a salad. We do not know how it got there and we are doing everything we can to answer that question. Au Bon Pain has no record of any such reports in the past, and the Minneapolis café at issue has an excellent record of cleanliness. Au Bon Pain maintains clean, healthy environments and we are treating this matter with the utmost care and attention."

THE OUTCOME W: After Ms. Ayala's litigious history was uncovered, and she and her husband were jailed for conspiring to filing a false claim and attempted grand theft. ABP: TBD