Dayton restaurant now has name, chef, liquor license

More news from 200 North 1st St...

More news from 200 North 1st St...

The Warehouse District restaurant backed by Eric and Andrew Dayton, sons of Gov. Mark Dayton, is making more progress towards its projected summer opening. It now has a name, a chef, and, as of this week, liquor license approval from the City.

The restaurant doesn't yet have a menu developed, but the name, building construction, and the chef drop a few hints as to the sorts of fare it might contain.

The chef is Paul Berglund, a former U.S. Navy officer who then went on to a cooking career at the acclaimed Oliveto restaurant in Oakland, CA. In 2010, Berglund moved the Minnesota, where he's spent the last year-plus working at Rustica Bakery in Minneapolis and Heartland Restaurant in St. Paul.

Between Berglund's background, the rooftop garden currently being constructed on the building, and the name, The Bachelor Farmer, we suspect to see lots of fresh, local produce and cooking with the seasons.