Day Drinking Goes Girly: Build Your Own Mimosa Bar at Hell's Kitchen

Pimp your mimosa

Pimp your mimosa

It's always been my contention that a mimosa is nothing more than an attempt to put lipstick on a pig: You want to drink in the morning but don't want to call it what it is, so just top things with orange juice and voila! Wholesome.

Bollocks. You want to drink in the morning, you want to eat candy in the morning, you want to drink sugar in the morning! Do it all at Hell's Kitchen's new build-your-own mimosa bar.

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And it's gonna cost ya. A trip down the mimosa bar is $15.95 -- choose from five juices, fresh and dried fruit, candy, and a dozen flavored syrups to ply your champagne.

Or go more classic with their bloody Mary bar, also $15.95, with over 200 hot sauces to choose from.

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