Day Block Brewing Lets Drinkers Vote on Beer Lineup


Let's take a vote.

All those in favor of drinking on Wednesdays, say aye. Okay, all those in favor of drinking on Wednesdays and then spouting off opinions, say aye.

Great. Since we're all in agreement, we'll proceed to Day Block Brewing's monthly drink-and-opine series, Pilot Batch Wednesdays. Starting today, from 5 to 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month, the Downtown East brewpub is pouring out exclusive pilot batches of new recipes -- and customers are invited to select which beers make it to the taps.

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Day Block will serve four pilot brews to customers along with a judging sheet. Drinkers can tally their votes and chat with brewers Paul Johnston and Dan Banks about what they like (and don't) about each brew, and as added incentive, each beer purchase will also come with a raffle ticket with giveaways of growlers, t-shirts, and more.

"We thought it would be a great way to connect with our customers and give them an opportunity to meet with the brewers," says co-owner Jeff Hahn.

Each Wednesday's batch will focus on a single style of beer. Tonight's offering includes four variations of a Centennial Pale Ale, each using different grain bases in the recipe while all featuring the aromatic Centennial hop.

The pilot beers will vary from month to month, says Hahn, "but mostly we are looking to do variations of a specific style." Drinkers can expect all pale ales tonight, and four options of a different beer style in February (such as a stout, porter, kolsh, etc.)

And since Pilot Batch Wednesday overlaps with Day Block's regular happy hour, non-beer drinkers can enjoy a cheap glass of house wine and specials from the full kitchen, including bacon flights and pretzels.

Day Block Brewing 1105 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis 612-617-7793

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