Dangerous Man's Rye IPA is a peppy and dry pairing for your burger

IPA fanatics know just how many varieties of the style exist, from the floral West Coast versions to the maltier British-inspired drinks. We've been sipping yet another variation: Dangerous Man's Rye IPA.

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As always, the beer is available only at the brewery taproom. "Rye is a favorite here at Dangerous Man, providing crisp, slightly spicy flavor and widening the body with its hardiness. It was a perfect fit to an already delicious IPA," says taproom manager Sam Holzinger. "Plus, we drink lots of rye whiskey."

The beer holds a mild aroma and, from that first impression, it puts its emphasis on the grain, not the hops. Yes, this beer registers 72 IBUs on the bitterness scale, but it's a delicate and balanced mix of key beer ingredients. There is a citrusy orange note, but the rye really defines the flavor with a subtle peppy spice cutting through and complementing the dry finish. The rye overpowers the bitter hop burn, creating a flavorful and smooth drinking experience that tastes like it has half the IBU count, while the subtle spices at the core give it some saison-ish characteristics.

The beer itself is heavily carbonated and is a tan-copper color with medium body. Holzinger suggests pairing it with the Helicopter Burger from their neighbors, the Anchor. "The higher IBUs cut through this loaded meat god beautifully, allowing for each bite to feel fresh and new. At the same time, the hops dance with the sweetness of the ham and the rye with grass-fed beef," he explains. Dancing with ham? We'll have to try that for ourselves.

Supplies of the Rye IPA are low, so get them at Dangerous Man while they last. The brewery is already brewing a sister recipe, a Black Rye IPA, which is soon to debut and will feature more roasted and coffee notes.

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