Dangerous Man offers a sauna with your beer

Inside the magical trailer

Inside the magical trailer

There’s a new trailer parked next to Dangerous Man and it’s not a food truck. It’s not a tiny house either, a question the structure's architect Andrea J. Johnson gets frequently. It's Little Box Sauna, the portable sauna melting winter away one log at a time.

So what happens when beer and sauna come together? Nothing out of a 1980s ski movie, says Dangerous Man’s Sarah Bonvallet. “Sauna culture is highly respected and treasured amongst Minnesotans, and our Dangerous Man customers and neighbors are pretty rad folks.”

In other words: Behave.

To help ensure safety and guard against people mixing too much beer with a sweat session, the trailer is manned by a “sauna meister," described by the meister John Pederson as “a German term that refers to the person responsible for maintaining proper sauna conditions."

"Essentially I'm a glorified janitor,” he jokes. 

The Little Box Sauna was built by Andrea J. Johnson and Molly Reichert in 2015 as an experimental Creative Placemaking project, through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Its first appearance was outside the Mall of America, followed by a jaunt across the parking ramps to big boxy and blue Ikea. Since then it’s been at a variety of hotspots, in conjunction with the 612 Sauna Society, founded by Pederson. 

A little box outside of a big box at Ikea in Bloomington

A little box outside of a big box at Ikea in Bloomington

“March was the next available month,” says Bonvallet. “Also spring sauna is awesome.”

Much like its brewery host, the portable sauna is meant to bring people from all walks of life together for some relaxation and conviviality. Little Box Sauna will be parked at Dangerous Man Brewing until April.

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