Dangerous Man Brewing Co. to open early January

The new Northeast taproom will typically feature six Dangerous Man beers, says owner Rob Miller
The new Northeast taproom will typically feature six Dangerous Man beers, says owner Rob Miller

Who wants beer for the New Year? Minneapolis's next tap room, Dangerous Man Brewing Co., should be open just after the holiday.

Dangerous Man owner Rob Miller says he plans to open the doors at 1300 Second St. NE sometime in early January. But since Miller and his friends and family are doing much of the work, not every last detail may be finished before he opens.

"As soon as we have two beers flowing, we're going to open the doors," Miller says. "We're doing it all ourselves, so it's taking a little longer than expected."

Dangerous Man's in-house brewery is largely complete, allowing Miller to start brewing for the opening. Miller plans to typically have six beers available, which will be tapped directly from serving tanks behind the bar. Eventually he plans to add a walk-in freezer in the building's massive basement, which will allow him to expand his offerings with additional kegged beers.

Miller expects to sell 16-ounce beers for around $4.50 or $5. The beers will be served in 20-ounce glasses with 16-ounce pour lines, as Miller believes 16-ounce glasses often short customers by a few ounces. Smaller 10-ounce pours will be served in 13-ounce glasses.

Dangerous Man will also offer growlers right away, as well as a small selection of branded merchandise like shirts and hats. The taproom will sell no food but will be stocked with menus from neighboring restaurants. On Friday and Saturday nights, Miller plans to place hourly orders from Element Pizza and the Anchor Fish & Chips, which a runner will deliver from the restaurants to hungry customers.

When complete, Miller says the Dangerous Man taproom will boast a comfortable industrial look to stay true to Northeast's working-class roots. The tables are individually welded from donated steel and topped with thick oak tops. The bar is made of massive wood beams reclaimed from the construction of the new downtown Lund's at 12th and Hennepin. The wall behind the bar is a patchwork of metals, including copper donated from the building's previous tenant, the vintage furniture store Spinaro.

"We really want to make it feel like the bar has been here for a long time," Miller says. Dangerous Man Brewing Co. will likely be open from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 3 p.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday. Miller is expecting the first few weeks to be extremely busy, but predicts it will mellow out after the initial excitement wears off. He's hopeful that Dangerous Man Brewing Co. will settle into a role as a nice neighborhood hangout for the tight-knit Northeast crowd.

"This neighborhood is very communal," Miller says. "This should be another great spot for people to congregate and hang out."

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