Dan Kelly's Irish Pub: The Tour

Matty O'Rellly (of Republic and formerly of Aster Cafe fame) and his partner Rick Guntzel have scooped up and revived the old Dan Kelly's Bar, that landmark drinking man's watering hole on downtown Minneapolis's Seventh Street. It's now Dan Kelly's Pub, and like a C-student bad boy who went away to college and came back a gentleman and a scholar, the new iteration is elegant and adult with just enough edge for intrigue. All of the things you've come to expect from these two are on display here -- a comprehensive local-leaning selection but with an eye on the national scene instead of just touting local for the sake of local. O'Reilly is also beating the drum for more good cider on tap. Their selection of Irish whiskeys, about 40 in all, might be second to none in town. And O'Reilly hasn't supplanted the old guard of liquid salves just to institute throwaway pub grub. He's tapped name chef Kevin Kvalsten, whose signature Irish is a little like fine dining, minus the self-importance and firmly rooted in the land of salt-of-the-earth. Overall, DKP soars. Greetings are a symphony. Barmen do not serve, they execute. Food does not arrive, it achieves. Let's drink to that. Let's drink to it at Dan Kelly's Pub. PHOTOS BY ALMA GUZMAN

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