D'Amico Kitchen does Culinary C-SPAN


D'Amico Kitchen indulges culinary voyeurs every night between 7:30 and 10 with their new live broadcast that flips between three video cameras in the kitchen--basically, silent security camera-esque shots of cooks plating dishes, servers packing up to-go orders, etc. The video streams on their website and is also projected on the outside of the Chambers Hotel, which I haven't seen yet but sounds kind of cool and public art-y.

I caught a few minutes of last night's broadcast and while it's fun to see the food being flipped in saute pans, etc., I found the whole voyeurism thing a little creepy. (Would you want someone watching over your shoulder while you work?) I didn't see anything crazy like cooks punching each other or dropping food, which would have been entertaining, but probably not good for pr (from the press release: "obviously a kitchen of this caliber has nothing to hide ... and lots of action to show").

At one point, I thought a guy was maybe starting to strip, but just as he had his white coat halfway unbuttoned, the video jumped to the next camera! By the time it came back, he was rebuttoning the coat, so I have no idea if I missed something scandalous!! Still, I did wish that a staffer would have waved to the camera or something to acknowledge the viewers at home and make us feel less like we were spying on them.

If that's not enough D'Amico vid for 'ya, Executive Chef John Occhiato's also doing a weekly vlog about seasonal ingredients, sharing recipes, creating menus, and more.