Dalvin Cook sets Vikings rookie record, makes stir fry [VIDEO]

Dalvin Cook is a better running back than he is stir fry cook. We'd probably still eat this.

Dalvin Cook is a better running back than he is stir fry cook. We'd probably still eat this. Instagram

Dalvin Cook had the biggest night of his young life Monday night.

In a way, he had one of the biggest nights in Minnesota Vikings history: His 127 yards was a team record for a running back making his debut. Most of those yards came in the second half, as Minnesota worked to protect its lead and kill the clock. 

The Vikings managed both, winning over the New Orleans Saints 29-19. Cook logged 22 carries, far outshining former Vikes great Adrian Peterson, who finished with just 18 yards on only six carries. (A compilation of Peterson's... highlights can be found here.)  

The big night apparently built up the 22-year-old rookie's appetite. But by the time Cook arrived at the Lotus Uptown on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, the Vietnamese restaurant's kitchen staff was gone for the night. 

Well, you can't just let the young man go hungry! So they let Cook into the kitchen, handed him some food and some tools, and let him take a crack at his own stir fry.

[Note: If you show up at a restuarant, and all the cooks have gone home, and you are not Dalvin Cook -- or an equivalent local celebrity -- they will throw your hungry ass right out the door if you try pulling this stunt.]

If this Instagram is any indication, Cook is pretty comfortable around a hot wok. 


He said he was hungry. My chefs left for the night. Sooooo you gonna have to cook my brother.

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GoMN reports Cook was preparing this dish for "his family," and that Lotus' Yoom Nguyen described the resulting stir fry as "delicious." 

Almost as delicious as setting a record the first night you play a professional sport.