Dairy Queen iPhone app hits the streets


More than one billion iPhone apps have been downloaded by users, so I guess it should come as no surprise that DQ has popped up in one (unless that many people like the Zippo lighter app and the Pocket God and the 2009 Swimsuit Calendar so much). "DQ Craze" involves quickly filling orders for "customers" clamoring for Blizzards and Dilly Bars and other Dairy Queen specialties. To get points, you have to arrange matching rows of different Dairy Queen foods that correlate with what a customer wants.

Out of curiosity I checked out what other food-related apps are available. (They're mostly in the "Lifestyle" category it seems.)There are quite a few popular cocktail and drink recipe apps as well as ones for general recipes. I like the looks of one called "More Toast!" which is currently listed as the fourth most popular paid app in the lifestyle category. You pick what kind of bread you want, how much you want it toasted and what you want on it -- which can include an imprint of, say, Obama, or yourself -- and a "toaster" prepares it to your liking, sound effects and everything. Then you can apparently proceed to eat it, bite by bite. Not being a member of the iPhone club, I haven't had the full experience. Anyone?