Cursed Uptown restaurant location claims its latest victim

The Piggy Bank is empty.

The Piggy Bank is empty. Jay Boller

Old Chicago. The BoneYard. Salsa a la Salsa. Game Sports Bar. Lotus.

All dead.

And now you can add Piggy Bank to the list of failed restaurants at 2841 Hennepin Ave. S. in Minneapolis, the seemingly cursed address that keeps chewin' up and spittin' out businesses. 

A new venture from Kaskaid Hospitality (CRAVE, Union Rooftop), Piggy Bank opened almost exactly a year ago with promises of fresh burgers, vegan dishes from Herbivorous Butcher, and live music. On Wednesday, the place was empty and the following note was taped to the front door: 

Reps from Piggy Bank and Kaskaid did not immediately respond to requests for comment; we'll update this post when we hear back. 

When Lotus, the space's previous tenant, packed up in 2018, owner Yoom Nguyen cited shifting Uptown demographics, the building's large footprint, and difficulties stemming from the massive parking lot and nearby transit hub.

"[Uptown] is becoming more of a discount bar and shopping place; the money is here, but it’s just not here, if that makes sense," he explained. "Nobody lives around this area for more than two years."

In times like these, it's important to revisit the one question Minneapolitans find endlessly interesting and debatable: IS UPTOWN DEAD