Cub Foods settles lawsuit with cleaning workers

Cub Foods has settled a lawsuit with the labor union that's been hounding them for the past year.

CTUL, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (The Center of Workers United in Struggle) represented a number of cleaning workers demanding better conditions from Cub Foods this spring. In May, they staged pickets and hunger strikes against Cub Foods near Minnehaha Avenue and Lake Street. This summer, they protested Supervalu, Cub's parent company, at a shareholder meeting.

Supervalu sued CTUL May 27.

The lawsuit dragged on through the summer and was settled earlier this month.

CTUL publicly acknowledged the settlement in a blog post October 7. The settlement forbids CTUL from organizing against Cub Foods.

CTUL organizers and co-defendants in the lawsuit Brian Payne and Veronica Mendez could not be immediately reached for comment. But in a statement posted on their website, they had this to say:

We have come to recognize that we are unaware of any instances in which Plaintiffs have actually violated any law, and we regret any statements or suggestions to the contrary. We also now understand that Cub Foods is committed to using contractors that abide by federal and state law, including the National Labor Relations Act and the Minnesota Labor Relations Act. In addition, we know that Cub Foods stores draw a large percentage of its workers from local communities, including communities of color and immigrant communities, most of whom are themselves union members.

In light of the above, CTUL and Plaintiffs have come to an agreement to move forward in a mutually beneficial way. CTUL has agreed permanently to end the campaign against Plaintiffs, and CTUL urges all of its members and allies to do the same. CTUL has also agreed to a permanent injunction prohibiting certain activities, including in-store demonstrations, on terms based on the Court's July 18 Temporary Injunction Order posted on our website. At the same time, Plaintiffs have agreed to end the lawsuit against CTUL and its organizers. As we put the campaign against Plaintiffs completely behind us, we open the door to a new phase of the Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning elsewhere.

Supervalu spokesman Mike Siemienas says the company is glad it's over.

"Cub Foods is pleased to have reached a mutually agreeable settlement on the lawsuit filed against CTUL and its officers. This settlement allows both parties to move on and avoid the expenses and distractions associated with litigation," Siemienas says, reading from a prepared statement. "As a result of the settlement, CTUL has agreed to end its misguided campaign against Cub Foods and agreed to a permanent injunction limiting its activities."

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