Crystal Cafe has a super unfunny 'Border Patrol' burger on its menu

Crystal Cafe: the pinnacle of excellent taste.

Crystal Cafe: the pinnacle of excellent taste. Photo courtesy of Crystal Cafe Facebook Page

Jim Staricha doesn’t like talking politics.

Which makes this menu special at his Crystal, Minnesota strip mall restaurant all the more curious: “Donald Trump’s Border Patrol Burger,” a fresh ground angus burger with lettuce and chipotle sauce topped with tomato-guacamole and cheddar with Arizona onion tangles and jalapeno’s [sic].

Staricha says he ran the special three times during the Trump campaign as a “conversation starter.” Still, he doesn’t want to talk politics with us.

“I don’t like to talk religion or politics,” he reiterates. He thinks the special was funny, and he says he got a “great response” to it, including from his “Spanish” and Mexican staff who he says laughed about, it too. 

“He [Trump] talked about whatever he was going to do with immigration... but now the whole thing on politics will probably die down,” Staricha says.

Now that Trump has been elected, he doesn’t see any reason to run the special again. “I’ll run something for the holidays and hopefully I won’t offend anyone with that.” (He says he’s received just one other complaint about the burger besides the reader that tipped off City Pages.)

We hope so, too.

2732 Douglas Drive, Crystal