Crispin Cider sold to MillerCoors

​As part of its effort to expand into the increasingly popular craft market, MillerCoors has purchased Minneapolis-based Crispin Cider Co., reports the Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal.  

The full details of the deal, including the selling price of the company, have not been released. But the announcement comes just days after rumors being reported in the L.A. Times that with beer sales falling and a demand for a more "premium" drink experience, MillerCoors was interested in acquiring Crispin.

Crispin's owner, Joe Heron, took a similar route in the development and eventual sale of his company Ardea Beverage, producer of a product called Nutrisoda, which he sold to PepsiAmericas Inc. in 2006. Like Ardea, Crispin grew very quickly in size and popularity, with sales rising almost 200% between 2008 and 2011.

The deal with MillerCoors includes Fox Barrel Cider Co., an affiliate of Crispin that produces a similar high-end hard cider product, but with pear juice instead of apple. 

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