Crispin Cider dinner at A25 @ Anemoni


photos by Steve Neuharth

Recently Teddy Hobbins reported on the new A25 Sushi and Sake Bar at Anemoni. Again A25 showed off the beautiful new renovation, designed to resemble a Tokyo subway station stop. This time A25 played gracious co-hosts with Crispin Cider as they created a multi-course dinner designed to match A25's imaginative dishes with equally inspired Crispin cocktails.

The evening's goal--to show that Crispin Cider and Asian food can live in sweet harmony-- was a great success. The savory notes of ginger, plum, and garlic, the freshest of meat and fish made great pals with the Crispin-based cocktails. The room looked lovely on that snowy eve as the world passed by on Nicollet Ave. Guests were welcomed with the latest from Crispin--The Saint--a new cider made with maple syrup to add warm depth to the cider's sweet sparkle.

The first course was sea bass with black bean sauce on a bed of bok choy matched with the cocktail Original Sin, made with Ketel One Citron, lemon juice, ginger, ginger simple syrup, and Crispin Brut. The spice of the ginger and the brightness of the citrus made this a cool and unexpected companion to the buttery seabass.

The next course ofsashimi was matched with Crispin Honey Crisp. The simple preparation of the delicate fish was a great counterpart to the simplicity of ice cold cider served in Crispin's trademark tall glasses, with a polar bear marking the height to fill the glass with ice .

Next, crispy pork tenderloin was matched with a cocktail called Intelligent Design made with gin, honey water, Parfait Amour, lemon juice, Crispin Honey Crisp. Again, a great combo. The Intelligent Design had the perfect proportion of ingredients to make a beautiful and melodious cocktail--garnished with pretty green apples--which worked well with the pork with the lovely contrast of crisp and tender textures of the pork and it's delicate sauce.


And finally, the dessert of sweet rice/cheesecake roll with a Crispin honey ginger-reduction proved a fitting grand finale as it brought together so many elements of this meal that was enjoyed on a sleepy winter's eve.

You can check out all these cocktails and dishes at A25 Sushi and Sake Bar. Check website for hours and details.