Crescent Moon expands the reach of its "Football Pizza"


Spinach Lovers pizza at new Crescent Moon.

Crescent Moon's new location is close enough to Dinkytown to draw in the college crowd but far enough away to still feel neighborhood-y and Northeast. It's on a cozy little block where you can not only grab Crescent Moon's Afghani fare, but also Japanese, coffee, some hardware or a bong.

On my visit, there were also a group of international students (all women) at the spartan one-restaurant as well as a couple male professor types eating together, a young couple with a baby, a couple of college students and a neighborhood woman who said she would spread the word about the place.

"Do you think they make it that shape just because of the tray?" one of my friends asked. Our Spinach Lovers "football" pizza fit nearly to-the-T on the silver serving tray it came on. Our pie was spicy and satisfying -- we had hot peppers added to half for an extra kick. The hot green sauce that comes plunked in the middle is a great, unique addition. Crust lovers will also get their fix.

If you're not in the mood for pizza, the spiral-bound menus up front contain pages, along with pictures, of the array of Afghani dishes available. There's also a case near the register full of $2.99 meat or spinach-filled "pies," trays and trays of baklava for $1.39 each and .99 ferni, an Afghani custard.

Crescent Moon Pizza 1517 Como Ave., SE Minneapolis, MN 612.767.3313