Crepes, Pop-Ups, and Chimichurri: Things You Need to Know in Local Dining This Week


Biscuits, tidbits, snacks, and such. Things to eat, do, and consume in local dining this week.

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You know those sweet creperies in Paris, the ones on every corner with the dudes with the handlebar mustaches who gently turn your crepe and spread it ever so gently with butter and then sprinkle it with the finest layer of sugar granules, all of it so perfect it will be seared in your mind forever? Yeah, we don't have that, but we've got something potentially better: Crepe and Cake Food Truck, specializing in serving the western suburbs. French crepes, crepe cakes (that's dozens and dozens of crepes piled on top of one another until they reach the height of a cake, and then layered again until they achieve a layered cake -- how did we not know this was a thing?!), and caneles, those little tender custard pastries that look like an individual bundt cake with a dark, caramelized outer edge. Find out where they'll be roving, and when, here.

Grand Old Day is coming up June 7, and 112 food vendors will line 20 blocks of Grand Avenue. This year, there will be a contest, Grand Old Day Grand Grub Competition, where entrants will be judged on the best Grand Grub.

Burgers in Burnsville: JL Beers will be opening a new location in Burnsville's Burnhill Plaza Shopping Center. The chain specializes in cheap burgers ($4-$6) and cheap add-ons, hand-cut fries, and beers; there's another location in northeast Minneapolis. Opens October/ November of this year.

If you haven't already heard, Heartland Wine Bar is now open. In addition to soups, salads, and sandwiches, the space also offers meat and cheese cases along with several proprietary canned items, Izzy's Ice Cream snacks, local gourmet sodas and juices, and a full line of house-baked pastries, breads, and savory baked goods. There are also a few hard-to-find items such as rendered duck and pork fat and pints of house-made stocks. And naturally, wine (and yes, beer, too).

JL Beers is coming to Burnsville

JL Beers is coming to Burnsville

If you can sneak it in between rainstorms, two ideas for the grill: ManCave Meats is a locally crafted, small-batch craft burgers and brats company masterminded by a University of Minnesota grad. The brats are made from lean pork from farms in Iowa, and the burgers are USDA choice Angus from Omaha, and are made in Minnesota in small batches. They come in dude food flavors like buffalo, beer, bacon and cheese, even pizza.

And for slathering over all that meat, locally made Tango Chimichurri has been flying off grocery store shelves, and why not? The national meat condiment of Argentina makes love to meats like Prince does Apollonia. Two Minnesota women, Suzie Holzinger and Mariana Leimontas (who hails from Argentina), finally decided to bottle the stuff after friends "demanded" they do so. The sauce, with a few simple ingredients of herbs, spices (imported from Argentina), vinegar, olive oil, and garlic combine stands up and sings like Pavarotti. The stuff is seriously good. Get it at the Wedge, Oxendale's Market and the Minneapolis Farmers Market (if you can find any -- we've found that store shelves have been empty where the sauce should be!)

Heirloom, St. Paul's upcoming "modern farmhouse" restaurant will be hosting a pop-up at Third Bird on June 28th. What the heck is "modern farmhouse?" They intend to answer this very thing, just for you, on the 28th. Check their Facebook Page for more details and booking information.

Post meatfest, do something good for your digestive system in the morning. Patti's Granola can make a convert out of just about anyone, even if you're the sort who has previously thought of granola as sort of bird-seedy (raises hand). Patti Heimbold makes small batches of the stuff with hand-chopped almonds, cinnamon, and dried cranberries. The only downfall is that you'll be inspired to eat it in quantities that render it no longer healthy. It also makes an excellent ice cream topping, and she makes oven-roasted Rosemary Nuts that also have a cult following. You won't be able to contemplate your next wine party without them. Get them at multiple local markets, or order them online. Send your story tips to Hot Dish.