Create Halloween blood and gore in your kitchen: Here's how

A few of Etoll's ghastly creations

A few of Etoll's ghastly creations

Filmmaker Mike Etoll knows a little something about blood and guts, having made the movie Sewer Baby and videos for bands like the Meat Puppets on the tightest of budgets. Etoll, who is also the creator of The Butcher Shop House of Gore, shared a few of his most grisly Halloween recipes with items found in the kitchen (cue the scary laughter).


Organs, intestines and eyeballs:

For haunted house and film work, Etoll incorporates meats and organs for the realistic factor. If you desire a similar effect, try Husnik Meat for heads, feet, eyes, and whole bodies, and Holy Land for organs like liver and kidneys.

If that's too gross, make faux intestines. Stuff nude nylons with paper towels or fake spider webbing till lumpy. Spray lightly with red spray paint, then paint a few horizontal red lines over the lumpy areas. Soak your "intestines" in fake blood.

While this is an oldie, it's still a goodie: Peel large grapes and have people feel them while blindfolded or in a dark room. Do the same with cooked spaghetti noodles for fake organs.

Edible Blood

1 quart white corn syrup (Karo is recommended)
1 level tsp. white toothpaste (Pepsodent is recommended)
1 oz. of red food coloring (McCormick is recommended)
2 1/2 tsp. of yellow food coloring
2 oz. water, plus small amount of water to thin toothpaste

Put toothpaste into a bowl then add an equal amount of water to thin it. Add food coloring and stir. Next, add a bit of the corn syrup and mix well. Pour into a container that holds more than the final amount, and add the remaining corn syrup. Mix well. Add the water and mix again. This will give the mixture a normal blood consistency.

Tip: For darker putrid blood, add instant coffee. You can also water down instant coffee as a stain--it looks like old dried blood.

Meat Hand

Your favorite meat loaf recipe, uncooked in a flat slab 1 ½" thick
Greens such as kale or mustard
Onion for garnish

Place your hand on top of slab, cut around your fingers and hand with a butter knife, add raw meatloaf to simulate a thicker back of hand and wrist. Top with ketchup and bake as directed. Lay meatloaf hand on a bed of cooked greens. Cut raw onions into the shape of fingernails and garnish. Use a small round onion cut in half for a wrist bone. Here's a swell tutorial.