Craftsman's Manhattan: Drink of the week


Craftsman Manhattan $9

Craftsman Restaurant 4300 E. Lake St., Minneapolis 612.722.0175 website

Craftsman Restaurant is known for its housemade everything--items pickled, cured, braised, and reduced. What many do not realize is how beautiful their cocktail menu is, as well.

These are drinks carefully created requiring a little extra time for their preparation, but well worth the effort. For its Manhattan, the Craftsman muddles apples with housemade orange bitters, adds Jim Beam and sweet vermouth, and serves the cocktail either shaken or stirred. The result is not your dad's Manhattan; the bitters give the drink depth and the apples bring a welcome sweetness, but this is still a very serious (and strong) drink. While some people are put off by the chunkiness, half the fun is fishing out the liquor-soaked fruit at the bottom for a little taste. Craftsman's bar is quite serene, ideal for quiet conversation by candlelight while tasting imaginative cocktails, and sharing small bites from the irresistible bar menu.