Cow Bella burgled, resolves to remain loyal to the Mac-Groveland neighborhood

This weekend, in an overnight heist, thieves broke into the relatively new gelato shop Cow Bella on Grand Avenue, near the Macalester school campus. They made off with some cash, a computer and an iPad, but what they took was more than just that.

They took to their Facebook page and posted an open letter to the thieves:

Dear Thieves,
We want you to know exactly what you took when you broke into our small shop last night. The money you took was what we needed for payroll for hard-working, dedicated, and kind employees. The iPad you took was our register, causing us to be closed for today and perhaps longer. The computer you took was our accounting system. We're just a small business, trying to bring good, natural food and jobs to a community we love. We survived a long and difficult winter and were just trying to get on our feet. But here is what you didn't steal: our spirit, our drive, our commitment to quality and service, and our love of Mac Groveland. 
The Folks at Cow Bella.

Fans of their creamy, rich, cool delights jumped into action. An iPad was donated, as was money in the form of matching sales and a line snaked through the store. It's a neighborhood testament to the power of good over evil and the drive of a determined sweet tooth. It will take them time to recoup the loss. They have since reopened and have a monetary match. For every cup, pint, quart, or gift card sold today through Saturday, $2 will be donated to help cover their losses from the weekend theft.

Doesn't it sound like a good day for gelato?
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Cow Bella Gelato

1700 Grand Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55105


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