COVID-proof: Join the Hygge Hoopla virtual beer fest this Saturday

City Pages suggests you use this as your Zoom background for Saturday's Hygge Hoopla.

City Pages suggests you use this as your Zoom background for Saturday's Hygge Hoopla. ASSOCIATED PRESS - AP

First the pandemic pushed the Bloody Mary Festival 'til mid-October. Then the COVID cost us Seltzer Land. Finally, 'rona claimed City Pages' own Beer Festival

“What’s a social drinker to do?!” the people cried in anguish.

“Dry your tears,” the reply came from on high. “Hygge Hoopla virtual beer fest is here. Now grab a glass, build a snacklace, and head for… your couch.” 

Just kidding; that response came from the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, who loves you, and beer, wants you to be happy.

This Saturday, the Guild has enlisted the expertise of 18 brewery owners, employees, and brewers to host a livestreamed beer and seltzer festival. Hopheads and fellow enthusiasts of all stripes are invited to participate from the comfort of their homes. This means no pandemic-related cancellations! 

Organizers intend that the festival spirit of sharing, community, merriment, and occasional burps will continue unabated by current circumstances. Though this may sound a little ethereal and spiritual, the Hygge Hoopla is interactive and tech-y in order to accommodate festival-goers from wherever they’re sheltering-in-place.

Participants will be given a flexible shopping list with the purchase of their $10 ticket. The list features 11 beer styles to be covered over the course of the afternoon, and lets attendees patronize whichever local breweries (or stores) they favor. 

Via livestream, brewers and organizers will lead Hoop-lors (yeah, just go with it) as they sample through the styles. From 3 to 5 p.m., the experts have worked out a schedule providing tasting notes, brewing details, beer history, food pairing info, and more. There’s also an open Q&A session in the mix. 

Hygge Hoopla virtual beer fest
Saturday, April 18, 2020

3-5 p.m.