Cov: The Tour

We might be landlocked, but remember that in Wayzata, Minnesota’s Riviera, you can get some choice seafood and dazzling views to go with. Sushi Fix has more of the seafood and less of the view, but 6 Smith and Cov are lakefront properties with shimmering waters to make you feel like you've taken a true vacation. In fact, with ample patio space and a palatial vibe, Cov might be the prettiest restaurant in Minnesota. And they do fruits de mer with straightforward aplomb. A pot of mussels in a classic white wine butter broth is textbook perfect with a pot liquor that will inspire a tilt of the bowl to drink. An equally classic shrimp cocktail is perhaps steep at $16 for a serving of four, but made properly enough with springy snap and a cocktail sauce sporting a spicy grating of fresh horseradish on top — a thoughtful touch. It’s like a mini getaway with champagne, house-made Key Lime Pie, and one hell of a nice view.