Counter-event to Nazi-themed dinner will be held outside Gasthof's tonight


A silent flashmob will take place outside Gasthof Zur Gemütlichkeit this evening in response to the Nazi-themed dinner City Pages reported on last week.

According to organizers Margie Newman and Susan Schwaidelson Siegfried, the group is not affiliated with any specific organization. They will meet outside of Gasthof's in northeast Minneapolis at 7 p.m. and pay silent tribute to victims of the Third Reich. Newman says she expects 30 to 40 people to take part in the counter-event.

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"It's going to be a silent flash mob re-enacting a deportation as a continuation of the Nazi dinner that was held there, so we'll wear yellow stars or triangles or whatever people identify with," Newman says.

Newman says she feels strongly about the dinner because her father was a Holocaust survivor who lost almost all his family during WWII.

"We're there to just speak to the other part of the re-enactment. There's no Nazi World War II story without the victims, so we just want to add that piece to it," Newman says.

Gasthof's owner Mario Pierzchalski and the organizers of the Nazi-themed dinner maintain the event was nothing more than a social gathering for World War II re-enactors. On its Facebook page, the WWII Historical Reenactment Society denied any involvement with the event, and City Pages also discovered that Scott Steben, one of the event's primary organizers, has tattoos of the SS bolts and official Nazi skull on his arm.

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