Costello's to close; Red Cow moving in

Burgers on the east side

Burgers on the east side

The year-old Red Cow in Minneapolis is getting a little sibling. Luke Shimp's restaurant will be heading across the river to the saintly city and taking over the space that's currently occupied by Costello's. We spoke with Shimp to find out what his plans are.

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First of all, Costello's fans should note that the bar is still currently open for business. They aren't closing right away, so if you're concerned about saying goodbye, now's the time to get in and enjoy one of their fabulously priced adult beverages.

Shimp tells us that he's still in the early stages of getting all the permits and everything lined up. "Things are going very slowly and we have some hurdles to jump through before construction gets underway."

He's excited to be a part of the St. Paul neighborhood, located just off of Western on Selby Avenue. "It's a great burger town with what the guys at Blue Door are doing and all the old-school style burgers. We're excited to be a part of it. I've always loved that neighborhood. Plus with the revitalization of Selby over the past few years, there's so much going on over there. We're hoping being that close to the Capital and downtown there might be some lunch business as well."

What the location also has is the coveted full liquor license. "It's nice to have a vodka soda after work if you want it or a bourbon," said Shimp.

Designs are still being worked on, parking is being sorted out, but they are hoping to be able to build some sort of access to outdoor dining. Look for a late spring opening.

Red Cow, website

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