Cosmo says Chipotle's "teeming with men"

Cosmo says Chipotle's "teeming with men"

Eat Me Daily scores a find in the June issue of Cosmo, a sidebar encouraging women to join kickball or dodgeball leagues, crash "dude-specific" book signings (who would that be, like, Jon Krakauer?) and pretend to be politically active in order to meet guys. Where else can lonely singletons hope to score a date? Chipotle Mexican Grill! Ladies, get swoony while you watch your potential new boyfriend consume a burrito the size and approximate shape of a healthy puppy! While the piece isn't available online, if you search "meet a guy" at, 497 results pop up. Among them is an article called "The Best Places to Meet a Guy," which also encourages ladies to patronize sports bars (but only on Sunday or Monday nights), frequent "grad school" coffee shops and eat at steakhouses in quest of Mr. Right.

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