Corner Table, Green Ox "whole hog" dinner and cookbook signing

Next Tuesday, local chefs Scott Pampuch of Corner Table and Mike Phillips of Green Ox will celebrate being featured in a new butchers' cookbook. And how better to celebrate than by going hog wild with a pig-centric dinner?

Enjoy the handiwork of Pampuch and Phillips at a "Whole Hog Dinner" at the Local in downtown Minneapolis next Tuesday, December 14, at 6:30 p.m.

The chefs chose pork, Phillips says, because that's the meat he works with most often at Green Ox. "We like the pig, and you can use every single part of it, which is pretty awesome," Phillips says. "In fact, you run out of parts, because there are so many cool things to do. It's almost like you need a pig with extra things on it so you can do more, like a two-headed pig [to make more headcheese]."

The dish on next Tuesday's menu Phillips is most excited about is the whole roast pig from Hidden Stream Farm in Elgin, Minnesota. "We just deboned a whole pig on Friday," Phillips says. "Then we're marinating that, and we're going to roast that whole in the Italian style. That's called porchetta. I just had it in Italy in October for Terra Madre, the international Slow Food gathering. As soon as I had it I wanted to do it."

In addition to porchetta, the menu will include Green Ox charcuterie; choucroute garnie, a sauerkraut-and-sausage combo from Alsace, a German-influenced region of eastern France; and dessert -- which will, Phillips promises, also incorporate pork. Beer pairings to enhance the night's porcine pleasures will be picked by Corey Shovein of Hohensteins Beer Distributors.

Tickets are $65 a person; copies of the cookbook, $37.50, will be available for purchase and signing. The Local 612.252.1609 [email protected], re: Whole Hog Dinner

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