Corked: best wine story wins the book!


We've closed the comments section for Corked: Tell Your Best Wine Story and picked a winner of Kathryn Borel's debut memoir about her tour through the great wine regions of France with her father, Philippe, a serious wine aficionado. Congrats to CEB! (Email me your address and I'll send the book...)

CEB says:

Too many, but the most memorable moment happened at a downtown Minneapolis restaurant I worked at several years back. One day during a busy lunch rush a table ordered a bottle of bubbly in celebration. First bottled they ordered was out of stock and the second we had the incorrect year listed. Third was out of stock leaving the table to order a cheap Asti out of desperation. The server attending to the table, who was understandably frustrated at this point, brought the bottle out and while attempting to pop it broke the cork in two. As he brought the fifth bottle to the table to uncork he twisted it with vigor and with some pent up fiery anger shot the cork half way across the dining room where it landed perfectly on a chandelier. The server took a bubbly, messy swig of the bottle, slammed it on the table, grabbed his bag and walked out. Needless to say, said server was fired.