Cool new site: Table Matters


If you can't get enough of, check out Table Matters, which launched last week. The site features literary musings, recipes, food news, and more. It's edited by Jason Wilson, spirits columnist for the Washington Post and former food critic for Philadelphia magazine.

From the about page:

"Table Matters is an online publication about the intersection of food, drink, and culture from people who dream about lunch during breakfast, dinner during lunch, cocktails during work, dessert during dinner, and breakfast before bedtime. We recognize that food is more than just what we put in our mouths--it's a political statement, a commodity, a status symbol, a declaration of love. It's entertainment, seduction, fantasy. We realize that food is becoming more politicized, more precious, and more divisive than ever. But too many foodies have forgotten that food and drink can (and should) be fun. This is why we get excited when we hear food and drink discussed in news and pop culture. And it's why we celebrate eating an adventurous, gourmet eight-course meal as much as sharing grilled cheese sandwiches with friends."