Cooking with Red Bull--eww!!

Now I've witnessed some "bad dad" cooking experiences in my day, perhaps most memorably when my friend's dad made us kids hot chocolate with Hershey's baking cocoa and water--no sugar! (We complained that it tasted awful, like drinking smoke, but he insisted that it was fine and refused to sweeten it.) But Eden Praire family man, Rob Barrett, founder of the YouTube video series, Cooking for Dads, has taken this whole "dad cooking" thing to a whole new level by trying to entice the kids with Red Bull salad dressing and marinade.

According to the Eden Prairie paper, Barrett is works as a musician (he did the theme song for the Kare-11 show, "Whatever") and tries to make cooking as simple, and hassle-free as possible.

Judging by the Kare 11 video where Barrett faces off against his teenage daughter in a mac&cheese cook-off, she seems cool with Dad's dip into YouTube celebrity, but that may change now that he's twittering.

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