"Cooking with Clara" shares Great Depression-era cooking tips

I openly avoided watching "Cooking With Clara" at first, thinking "Oh great, just what people want to hear: not just the "R" word but the all-out "D" word. And the food that went along with it? Just, no."

But I was wrong. Clara Cannucciari is a delight. The 93-year-old Sicilian great grandmother, with the assistance of what must be a great grandson, currently has seven short how-to videos featuring recipes from her childhood.

With a sober yet sunny disposition, Cannucciari focuses on inexpensive, nourishing Italian-inspired meals, and once she gets the meal going, she sits for a minute or two to share some of her experiences growing up during the Great Depression.

The last I checked, her site was down, but you can watch all the episodes on YouTube.

Here's the first one, "Pasta With Peas," to get you started: