Community Keg House will put a 'mega-taproom' in Grain Belt's old kegging plant

Grain Belt's old kegging plant will host the city's most unique drinking experience.

Grain Belt's old kegging plant will host the city's most unique drinking experience.

When last we checked in on the Community Tap House, it'd been announced that the local beer hub would be different than most brew stops in Nordeast. For one, patrons would pour their own pints at taps dispersed throughout the former Grain Belt kegging plan. There were other ambitions — such as rice bowls and community art shows — but what folks really wanted to hear about the beer. Now, owner/visionary Nate Field has given us more info on just that.

The rebranded Community Keg House will be styled as a taproom in brewery that doesn't actually brew. As Field told MSP Biz Journal, "We'll only have Minnesota-made craft a mega-taproom — a one-stop shop showcasing all the craft scene has to offer."

Mega-taproom. That sounds ideal.

Though it seems as though the table tap idea has been scrapped (the Biz Journal article says taps will be placed two feet apart), the suds-on-demand style still stands to be a unique drinking experience in Minneapolis. In a beer scene as disparate and varied as Minnesota, it'll help to have someone curating runs for the uninitiated. With the Community Keg House's "sommelier" beertenders on hand, the building at 34 13th Ave. NE should be an educational experience for all.

Beyond the beer, the Community Keg House has also leased a sizeable gallery at the  Keg House Arts Building, where they'll showcase local artists. It's also been confirmed that the Community Keg House will have a full kitchen that serves small plates and sandwiches.

After hopes of a September opening were dashed, Field is eyeing a mid-December ribbon cutting. Here's hoping that date holds up.