Community Keg House closes, seeks buyer for taproom space


Community Keg House closed on Tuesday.

When it opened in January, Community Keg House sought to bring lovers of craft beer together under a single roof, saving drinkers from a stumbling bar crawl across northeast Minneapolis and beyond. Its pour-your-own pint setup was restricted to local beers only.

Beer fans can continue their crawls. The start-up bar and kitchen announced yesterday that they’ve closed for good.

In a statement on Facebook, Community Keg House says they’re looking to sell to new ownership, who could presumably keep their concept intact. In the meantime it appears the business will remain shuttered, meaning anyone who wants to pour their own beer will have to hit the liquor store and drag a 150-pound keg into their basement.

Community Keg House didn't give reasons for closing. A member of the Northeast Brewers & Distillers Association, the draft joint embraced the local beer scene and worked to form alliances among breweries and craft-minded businesses in their neighborhood.

“We have loved building Community and all the people who have worked and occupied this space,” the business said in their statement. “We live and work in northeast. We love northeast. It meant a great deal to see so many support our efforts.”

Community Keg House was located in a former storage facility for Grain Belt beer, and just down the block from Dangerous Man Brewing. The theme emphasized socializing versus amenities, and the barroom had billed itself as a perfect night out for anyone looking to sample an array of local flavors.


A look at Community Keg House's pour your own pint set-up.

Read the full statement below. Attempts to reach owners were unsuccessful.

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