Common Roots s'more whoopie pie: the best thing I ate this week

The Minnesota State Fair has started, which means summer is sadly on its way out, and along with it prime camping season. So I was especially pleased to extend the season with this s'more whoopie pie I discovered in the Common Roots bakery case. No reason to stack the logs like an eager scout, or whittle the tip of a roasting stick. All I had to do was plunk down $3.75 and I'd have my s'more fix.

Worth whoopin' it up: the s'more whoopie pie.
Worth whoopin' it up: the s'more whoopie pie.

This s'more whoopie was an ingenious marriage of two classic desserts. The cake lids taste like graham crackers, but without the crunchy snap. They're puffy and chewy with a slightly rough, cornmeal-like texture. Inside is a buttery frosting that reminded me of eating frosting smeared on graham crackers as a treat when I was a kid (am I the only one who did that?). Top that with a swipe of coal-black chocolate and spreadable marshmallow and you have yourself an excellent, sharable snack. No campfire required.

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Common Roots Cafe

2558 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55405


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