Coming soon: Wakame Sushi


Sushi is getting to be about as ubiquitous as burgers around here, which seems at least a little strange. On its face, the TC burger boom (Smashburger, Burger Jones, Five Guys, American Burger Bar are just the most recent additions) makes sense. Burgers are recession-friendly. People like to go out to eat just as much in economic downtimes -- they just trade down if they need to (some mid- to upper- price range restaurants in the cities are reportedly doing better than ever). But sushi's a little harder to grasp. Firstmost, it's spendy. And secondly, while even loyal vegetarians sneak a burger in now and then, quite a few people outright just don't like sushi (3/4 of which probably just won't try it, am I right?).

More about local sushi after the jump.

Mt. Fuji, Tiger Sushi 2, and Zahtar by Fhima are the latest to join the crowded sushi market (although none of them offer merely sushi). Wakame Sushi & Asian Bistro is slated to join them next month at the old Three Fish location in Calhoun Commons the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal reports. It appears the restaurant may be the only one of its kind. Incidentally, wakame is the name of the green seaweed found in miso soup and other Asian dishes. Anyone know anything more about this? Or care to speculate on the sushi restaurant business model? [via Twitter's tcfoodie]